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View other captains' cryo vaults

With boss battles, we've had a lot of players asking for advice on which ships/crew they should be using, how they can do more damage etc. And we've always had those kind of requests for skirmish/arena crew.

When answering these kinds of questions you always have a bunch of follow-ups along the lines of "do you have such-and-such", as you try to narrow down a workable strategy. It would save everybody time and effort if we could look at other players' vaults to see who they have available and suggest strategies from there.

On a related note, for boss battles it would be good to see who in the fleet has a specific crew that's required to solve a combo node. Then we could prod them to finish the chain, rather than have everybody waiting around, hoping that they notice.

Ideally, the player would have control over who could see their crew complement. I'd suggest the following options
•Public (viewable by anyone)
•Viewable by fleet members only
•Viewable by fleet officers only
With Private being the default option, you would have to opt in to sharing.

It seems like it should be relatively straightforward to implement and could deliver a lot of benefits.
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