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Spocktober Campaign Ideas

JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
And again, similar to the next Mega Event coming up, the campaign doesn't have to be around Spock, I just love the word Spocktober, for the love of Spock!

My idea is a Blue-Blooded or Antenna Power campaign with the following crew in each of the rows:

Ransom Shran (4* Crew - Existing, Row 1)
Ryn (5* Crew - Existing, Row 2)
Drone Pilot Jhamel (5* Crew - New, Row 3)

Skill Set for Drone Pilot Jhamel: MED-ENG-CMD or MED-CMD-ENG (Top 20 voyage rank, if you wish gauntlet or shuttle sided skill values or a mix of both)

Traits for Drone Pilot Jhamel: Aenar, Andorian, Telepath, Civilian, Resourceful, Pilot, Communicator, Desperate, Romantic

Ship Ability for Drone Pilot Jhamel: Evasion +10 (at 5/5) - "Take My Thoughts" gives +4 Evasion while "Boarding" is enabled for 6 seconds with an initialization timer of 6 seconds and a cooldown timer of 8 seconds (cycle 14 seconds), no charge limits.

Alternative Crew - If you think a second Jhamel would be too much, then Cadet Talla could work with the same stats, in addition of the traits "Starfleet", "Federation", "Jury Rigger" and "Timelines Originals", minus the traits "Civilian", "Pilot", "Romantic" and "Desperate". I would keep "Communicator" since she is a Telepath after all.
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