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Tool: Captain Zombie's Combo chain calculator

KanonKanon ✭✭✭✭✭
Hi everyone. Allow me to share a tool I made around the time FBB started, and I've been trying since then with good results


It's not pretty, I have a tendency to favor functionality over aesthetics, so it might get a little time to get used to. Also, it gradually went from something simple that was pretty self explanatory to something a little more complex and I might have neglected labels and tooltips needed to understand funtionality, please let me know if you notice something that can be improved in that regard.

Quick start:

Go to the bottom, and use the buttons with the desired difficuly, this will open a new tab with json data about the boss battle.


Copy the json data into the text area


This will import all the needed data to process possible crew to solve the nodes.


Add crew to the "Exclude crew list" that you already tried, to keep track of you progress and shorten the lists


There are four tabs in the results, the first one is the full list of possibilities for all the nodes

Second, a list with grouped crew, and the % chance of solving that node (this is tipically the most useful list, as it gives a quick glance at the better crew to go for, and it excludes nodes that can only be solved with crew not in the time portal)

Ignore the third tab, is for the deprecated funcionality that allowed to solve node combining traits from several crew

The fourth tab is like the first one, but filtering nodes that include crew in the "exclude crew" box, or nodes that can only be solved with crew not in the portal)

That's `pretty much it. The rest of the controls are for manually change the combochain information, (open traits, number of hidden traits, rarity of crew, possible traits) I you just use the import functionality, there is no need to alter anything

As you solve nodes, you can import again, and the information will be updated. Excluded crew will remail there unless the combochain changes (different boss, or different chain)


  • The tool is really good, has pros and cons compared to Datacore:
    1. Pro: The JSON downloeaded is far smaller than the whole profile JSON needed in Datacore
    2. Pro: Unless the boss changes (by id) the same excluded crewmen remain as that
    3. Con: The las time I could use it, there was no way to graphically see a crew repeated in different Nodes
    I have used it within our fleet and it works quite good, the only thing I would add to it: a way of grouping within the same node by coulour or by any other mean, crew belonging to different subcombinations, on the other hand it shows far more information than Datacore, which in our case, while I tested Datacore's one, there is a Check that is always on, that removes lots of possible useful crew to decide what you have.
    The best thing in Datacore, I don't know if you @Kanon have already solved it, is showing if you have the crewman needed available for a node or not, letting you decide what you go with and what you leave for the others
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