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Announcing our ‘Second Contact’ Mega Event!

ShanShan admin
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Greetings, Captains,

Our next mega arc will commence on Thursday, October 6, we hope you are ready for it!

We all know about first contact stories, but what about second contacts, especially with all timelines mingled..

The Cerritos is out on cleanup duty, hoping to make up for some of the Federation’s less than stellar first contacts! Making matters worse is the fact that the Federation has insisted their efforts be overseen by an experienced ambassador - specifically Doopler! Can you help the Cerritos crew make some positive connections while keeping Doopler under control?

The Cerritos and yourself will encounter, and maybe receive help from, various new characters such as: Master Surchid Falow (DS9), Talosian Keeper (DSC), Gathorel Labin (VOY), Kiley Pike (SNW), Breakthrough Booker (DSC), Jen Sh’reyan (LD), Captain Vasso L’Gaelia (DSC SNW),and Borg Queen Jurati (PIC).

Doppler (LD) will be the recurrent threshold rewards, available in all 4 events, crew with the ‘diplomat’ trait will provide an event bonus for all events.

The schedule is as follows:

- 2022-10-06: “Playtime” - Galaxy Event
- 2022-10-13: “Living a Legend” - Skirmish Event, new ship: Sikarian Vessel
- 2022-10- 20: “Dramatic Relations” - Faction/Galaxy Event
- 2022-10-27: “Enemies to Allies” - Faction Event

We’re looking forward to your participation and hope you will enjoy this new and unique narrative arc.

Thank you for playing,

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