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Problem with Tutorial...

Okay its been a while... I decided I wanted to play again from beginning... so new account... loads fine...(this is on windows ms store version) I get to the pick victory, and select the KCF... I get this after clicking it...
then the game no longer responds there is no way out of this menu or to continue... After reboot the only thing I can do is warp 1 the same space mission over and over...
I did this once and my only option was to reset the game from switch account menu. After doing this I tried the same thing to see if I could reproduce the problem and, well this seems to be a big problem...


  • Was this the first time you played on the windows version?
  • WizzdomeWizzdome ✭✭✭
    No, I play on the windows version often just never done the tutorial on it until now.
  • OK thank you
    I wonder if this has to do with a somewhat corrupted game cache then.
    I would suggest removing the app and doing a clean install.
  • I see you've submitted a ticket, thank you!
    I also see you would rather not restart again so I take it that my suggestion might not be amendable to you.

    Support should be able to force the tutorial completion for you.
  • WizzdomeWizzdome ✭✭✭
    thanks i will keep my eyes out for support response.
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