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H3LLHOUND5 - You've heard of us, but what do you really know about us?

edited November 13 in Fleet Central
H3LLHOUND5 is part of a seven (7) fleet family; "D3VIL DOG5". If we're not your type, one of our others probably is. Our main focus is on skirmish events, and that's what we're really good at. If you also enjoy those events, but maybe you're not real good at it, we can show you how. The admiral is one of the premier skirmishers in the game, and has been for years. If he can't make a skirmisher out of you, you're not trying. :)

So what are the benefits of being a H3LLHOUND? First, we have a maxed starbase. We also defeat the Nightmare Boss "every day". We have a group of officers that are unequaled anywhere in the game. We are a family. Would you like to be a part of our family? Go to our website at Https://www.devildogs.net and read about us and our other 6 fleets. Send us a message if you decide you'd like to join us. What are you waiting for?

H3LLHOUND5 wants players level 50+ who play Daily and contribute to the fleet.
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