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Admiral Abilities

I would like to suggest giving fleet admirals the ability to give non-value awards for achievements for fleet crew. Right now, my Fleet is starting to display boss levels. increase the ranks to be issued to fleet members by admirals. This will give the fleet members a point of pride for the fleet they are currently in, especially if a particular fleet member is loaned to another fleet or if a fleet member changes fleets, they can take the awards or ribbons to display to other fleets as a point of pride. I Know it would help keep me more engaged with my fleet. This in turn will help keep fleet engaged in playing to earn awards and in turn help the bottom line. I am sanguine in your ability to address this request.


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    you give badges here to be able to post and so on, these are little things showing my standing, why can't admirals be allowed to give badges so fleet members can show standing in fleet and for other fleets to see? it's only a little thing. use my fleet as a test run for a few weeks and see what shakes loose.
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    I will be willing to provide time to this if it is considered and or requested.

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    How do you start a new thread on this forum? I am new.
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    Promotions other than simply OFFICER would be great!
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