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Upcoming changes to FBB Brutal Rewards, and special web store offer!

Greetings, Captains!

We have some FBB news we wanted to share with you immediately!

With our next weekly server update, currently scheduled for next Tuesday 2022-11-29 (time to be determined), we will be making some changes to the Boss Destruction Rewards for the Brutal difficulty to make Bilitrium I more accessible. This in turn should help with the Bridge’s progression for players in smaller fleets.

Currently 1x Bilitrium I can be obtained as part of the 100% Boss Destruction rewards.
With the change that will go live next week, Bilitrium I will become part of the Boss Destruction rewards as follows:

- 50% Destruction : 1x Bilitrium I
- 75% Destruction: 2x Bilitrium I
- 100% Destruction: 3x Bilitrium I

This is in addition to the other rewards that will remain unchanged, Kemocite Fragment included.

We hope you will enjoy this change and are looking forward to seeing more players progress with their Bridge.

We also hope you will enjoy this week’s event.

Last but not least, don’t forget to check our web store, there is a great Dilithium offer available!
Click the banner in the Message of the Day to easily access the store.

Thank you for playing,

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