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New Trait and Collection Ideas: Youth and Pairs

Here are some ideas that I think could be fun additions to the game. I’ve been playing for a while but just signed up for the forum, I hope to contribute more here and help the game to continue to evolve. I would love to see what you all think of these ideas.

Two’s Company
Definition: Crew that come in pairs, either physically together with another individual as one crew card, such as The Duras Sisters, or psychologically merged with or possessed by another being, such as The Doctor and Seven in Indulgent Seven. The Borg are not generally included unless there is a clear individual personality that it presenting itself as inhabiting another individual, such as in Borg Queen Jurati.

Existing Crew Included:
Agents Dulmer and Lucsly
The Duras Sisters
Ephraim and Dot
The Hansens
Borg Queen Jurati
Pah-wraith Keiko
Tieran Possessed Kes
Prophet Kira
Tribbled Koloth and Korax
Control Leland
Katra McCoy
One Zero Zero One
Lt Commander Dexter Remmick
Sergei and Helena Rohenko
Indulgent Seven
Reunion Spock and Kirk
Ash Tyler (All versions)
Pathfinder Uhura
George and Gracie
The Bashirs
Caldos IV Crusher
Infected Tryla Scott
Zhian’tara Odo

Maybe include all joined Trill:
Esteemed Curzon Dax
Gray (only when joined)
Jadzia Dax (all versions)
Leader Pav
Yedrin Dax
Riker Oden
Ezri Dax (all versions)
Adira (all versions)

Maybe Include:
Dark Empath Troi
Ishan Chaye Sisko

New Crew Addition Ideas:
Bendii Syndrome Picard (TNG: Sarek)
Azan and Rebi (VOY: Imperfection)
Katra Chapel (TOS: Return to Tomorrow)
Katra Archer (ENT: The Forge)
Pah-wraith Jake Sisko (DS9: The Reckoning)
Lunchtime Garak and Bashir (DS9)
Cat and Mouse Odo and Quark (DS9)
Kadis-kot Seven and Naomi (VOY: Imperfection)
DaiMon Torrot Seven (VOY: Infinite Regress)
Masaka Data (TNG: Masks)
Organian Travis and Reed (ENT: Observer Effect)
Practical Joke Jake and Nog (DS9: A Man Alone)
Big Sister Molly (and Yoshi) (DS9)
Kima and Lil (ST: Children of Mars)
Malfunctioning Rutherford (LD: Reflections)
Perfect Score Boimler (and baby borg) (LD: I, Excretus)

Fountains of Youth
Definition of New Trait (Youth): Crew that are physically aged to the equivalence’s of a infant through teen aged human. Some crew may be older but inhabiting the body of what appears to be a child, such as Suspiria or Balok. Crew that are equal in age to a human youth, but mature in age for their species are not included, such as the Ocampa. Currently there are few crew that would fit into this category, but the addition of the Prodigy crew, who are mostly children would explode this category, as well as the many listed opportunities from across the other shows that have not been included thus far in the game.

Existing Crew Included:
Teenager Nog
Wesley Crusher
Junior Q
Spock and I-Chaya

New Crew Addition Ideas:
Entire Prodigy Crew (PRO)
Azan and Rebi (VOY: Imperfection)
Kadis-kot Seven and Naomi (VOY: Imperfection)
2375 Naomi Wildman (VOY: Once Upon a Time)
Practical Joke Jake and Nog (DS9: A Man Alone)
Child Ro (TNG: Rascals)
Child Guinan (TNG: Rascals)
Child Picard (TNG: Rascals)
Child Keiko (TNG: Rascals)
Scared Anika Hansen (VOY: The Raven)
Apprentice Jake Sisko (DS9: Shadowplay)
Charlie X (TOS: Charlie X)
Big Sister Molly (and Yoshi) (DS9)
Enterprise Alexander Rozhenko (TNG: Reunion)
Mud Bath Alexander (TNG: The Cost of Living)
Karden (VOY: Initiations)
Mezoti (VOY: Collective)
Brax (VOY: Homestead)
Tommy (TOS: And the Children Shall Lead)
Jean-Luc Riker (TNG: Future Imperfect)
Transporter Buffer Rukiya (SNW: Ghosts of Illyria)
Ian Troi (TNG: The Child)
Infant Tenavik (DIS: Point of Light)
Rene Picard (TNG: Family)
Sim Tucker (ENT: Similtude)
Adopted Elnor (PIC: Absolute Candor)
Kima and Lil (ST: Children of Mars)
Perfect Score Boimler (and baby borg) (LD: I, Excretus)

Blue Blooded
Suggestion: Expand this category to include Bolians as well as Andorians, since they both have blue blood and add the following crew:

Hairdresser Mott
Crewman Chell
Captain Vendome


  • ShidoniShidoni ✭✭
    edited November 2022
    There's a very clear lack of child characters in this game, and you've done a good job of listing a lot of them who could have been.

    I think a big part of why is image rights: most child actors move to a different line of work rather than becoming adult actors, and therefore don't have agents who can be negotiated with for their rights.

    I hope I'm wrong, and we can see some of these characters some day!

    Edit: Another source of many memorable child characters is the TOS episode "Miri". I'd especially like to see Miri (the character).
  • @Shidoni That could be true re/ rights and clearances and I’m not sure how that works for the game’s designers, I’d love to learn/understand more. Miri is also a great addition, and I’m sure there are more I’ve forgotten.
  • Can also add the andorian/aenar child Talla from Enterprise
  • Feels like the Movies crew could also be a fun subset. Or even, in light of the recent Director's Edition release, just the TMP movie crew. Perhaps, say, 'Silver Screen.'
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