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Announcing our ‘Uniquely Challenging Times’ Mega Event!

ShanShan ✭✭✭✭✭
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Greetings, Captains,

Mark your calendar for the beginning of our next mega narrative arc starting on Thursday, December 8!

What’s one more time jump for the Discovery crew?!

Brought back to the present via temporal anomaly, Kovich is eager to study “the past” - and he does not hesitate to use Discovery to that end! Join the Discovery crew as they explore the late 24th century - and encounter more than they bargained for!

‘Doctor Kovich’ is the mega event crew, he will provide a bonus for all four events, and will be a recurrent threshold reward.

As this is a Star Trek: Discovery centric event, crew from the series will provide an event bonus, and during this adventure you will encounter the following new crew: President T’Rina, Burnham at the Jump, Lt. Commander Bryce, Away Team Adira, Lt. Commander Detmer, Commander Pollard, J’Vini, and Captain Diatta Ndoye.

Featured existing crew will be: Science Officer Tilly, Gray, Linus, and Admiral Vance.

The schedule is as follows:

- 2022-12-08: “Slipping Stream” - Skirmish Event, new ship: U.S.S. Le Guin
- 2022-12-15: “Here Today, Where Tomorrow” - Galaxy Event
- 2022-12- 22: “Outer Limit” - Skirmish/Faction Event
- 2022-12-29: “Fractured Dawn” - Faction Event

We’re looking forward to your participation and hope you will enjoy this new Star Trek Timelines original story arc.

Thank you for playing,


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