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Looking for a Challenge? Try Nyth Dreigiau!

We are NOT a fleet with a Level 134 Starbase. We haven't even taken out the Easy Boss in Fleet Boss Battles!

Cymru am Byth has recently created a sister fleet, intended for players that need a home for their Alternate accounts (including Nightmare alts!), players who need to take a vacation from the daily grind of playing and want to be more casual, and brand new players looking to learn the ropes.

We want to prove it is possible to stand up a fleet from scratch and make it successful!

Nyth Dreigiau players have access to the CAB Discord server (home of great tools like the FBB Combo Chain Helper and the CAB Ratings). Beyond joining that server, we have no other requirements at this time. You can't get more casual than that. And if you eventually want to move to a more established fleet, Nyth Dreigiau members have first dibs on any openings in Cymru am Byth!

Have an Alt and want to join in the challenge, or looking to try something new with your Main? Drop me a line!
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