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Crew Slots, Dabo Sale, and a new campaign!

Greetings, Captains!

It’s the holiday season, let’s rejoice with a Crew Slot and Dabo Sale!

Starting tomorrow Tuesday, December 20 until Tuesday, December 27 - respectively around noon ET (17:00 UTC) - all Crew Slots tiers and all Dabo Wheel spins will be 50% off!

Now off to our next campaign, “Something to Celebrate”.
It will feature: Jazz Musician Odo 5*, Bride Kasidy Danielle Yates 4*, and the brand new Nel Apgar 5*!

The last reward of the Ultimate track will be an exclusive flowery avatar.

“Jazz Musician Odo'' is in 3 collections: ‘Acoustic Vibration’ (musician trait), ‘Costume Party’ (costumed trait), and ‘Holodeck Enthusiast’.

“Nel Apgar” will be part of 2 collections: ‘Criminal Mind’ (criminal trait), and ‘Daystrom Award’ (innovator trait).

This campaign will start on Tuesday, December 27 at 12am ET (5:00 UTC), and end on Monday, January 23 at 11:59pm ET (Tuesday, January 24 at 04:59 UTC).

You have one week left to complete the “Staying Warm” campaign!

Don’t forget that campaign tiers can be unlocked with Dilithium at any time while the campaign is active. Tap on the “+” icon above the tier to purchase it, this can be helpful if you find yourself short on accolades while trying to unlock all tiers before the campaign ends.

Thank you for playing and Happy Holidays!
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