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Gods of Time fleet looking for recruits/merger

Let me start by saying we don’t normally actively recruit and have had a close knit, chill, and independent fleet for years. We bill ourselves as a “casual daily fleet”. But some of our core players have retired recently and the fleet is in need on an infusion of several captains or merger with a smaller fleet.

134 starbase, beating Brutal Boss, Nightmare boss is a stretch but doable with some Dil spend and OE Valor tickets. Our core captains are on CB level 9.

The core fleet is about 20 members with another 10 chipping in here and there.

We have a Discord https://discord.gg/vUqT9Ct

No required currency spend (real life or in game)
No required event participation (except squad leader crew share)
Discord not required but strongly encouraged

What we ask:
Play daily - do your daily actions, donate to starbase, and participate in boss battles
If you join us on Discord, be respectful and generally keep conversation on point and away from divisive topics (we don’t like drama)

We are open, friendly, and welcoming. Lots of advice and game chat, some launch/near launch players available for guidance. Come join us and play at your own pace while building something fun.

See me on Discord or in game {GOD} Admiral Tatem. Thank you


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    edited January 2023
    After much deliberation, we have decided to merge with Subspace Eddies. Big thanks to For The Many and the extraordinary players in Gods of Time who joined the merger.

    It’s been an honor and privilege to serve as the Gods of Time admiral and I look forward to our next chapter in •§ë• !

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    Best wishes on an enjoyable time for all of Gods of Time in their new home.
    Admiral of the Inner Planets Alliance fleets
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