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Replicate Rations

ZakZak ✭✭
edited January 2023 in Make It So!
Inventory is capped at 1000 unique items.

We can convert them into replicate rations but I have so many that there is no need for them.

Instead of lots of different levels of replicate rations why not swap a couple of them to conversions for honor, merits, pulls or credits. With the advent of Crew Retrieval credits are a scarce item.

And please think about how much inventory we have to clear. Think bigger denominations.

Please let us convert Inventory into a useful commodity



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    Er.. you convert un needed items into REPLICATOR RATIONS, which you can then use to make whatever. Not crew trainers
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    ZakZak ✭✭
    Thanks, updated my original post where I talked at crossed purposes. Now clearer.
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