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Announcing our anniversary Mega Arc + Convergence Day Packs giveaway!

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Greetings, Captains,

This month we’re celebrating Star Trek Timelines’s 7th anniversary, and we took to heart the feedback you gave us last year.

This year we will not be doing a rerun of the Convergence Day event, instead we’ll have a special anniversary Mega Arc!

We’ll also have two Convergence Day giveaway behold packs, giving you a choice between various Convergence Day crew.

The first pack will be available from Wednesday, January 4, until Wednesday, January 18 - respectively around noon ET (17:00 UTC) - and will offer a choice between Convergence Day Quark, Mariachi Q, or Seven in Silver.

The second pack will be available from Tuesday, January 17, until Tuesday, January 31 - respectively around noon ET (17:00 UTC) - and will offer a choice between Doctor ‘Bones’ McCoy, Luau Paris, and Returning Saru.

For our special anniversary mega arc the recurring crew will be a STT Original: C.O.P Janeway.

The schedule of events will be as follow:

It’s Been a Long Road - Skirmish/Galaxy Event - 2023-01-12
Federation President Archer, Academy Speech Burnham, Date Night Chapel - all new
Bonus trait: Inspiring
New Ship: NX-01 Refit

Be Our Guests - Galaxy Event - 2023-01-19
Devious Duet Jurati, Dress Uniform Data, Vic Fontaine
Bonus trait: Artist

Linear Times - Faction/Galaxy - 2023-01-26
Sisko, The Emissary, Deep Space Nine Mariner, Wedding Day Quark
Bonus trait: Bartender

Happily Ever After - Faction Event - 2023-02-02
Wedding Groom O’Brien, Officiant Kirk, Bridal Keiko
Bonus trait: Romantic

We hope you will enjoy this special mega, stay tuned for more information on what we have planned for this month.

Thank you for playing, and for being part of our community,


PS: for this special arc, there will be no recap pack at the end
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