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So TWO Legendary "Timelines Originals" crew this week?


Personally I'd rather have actual canon crew vs. made up ones, but what's done is done/spilled milk (no polls in advance on this one). :/
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    The Janeway surprised me.

    However there are several of us older players that felt that Picard winning C.O.P was unjustified and wrong. It was Archer's crowning achievement, but Picard won on sheer popularity.

    I think them adding in the new Archer was supposed to help appease us older folks.
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    Honestly, given this thing is supposed to be the whole Trek multiverse, I'd like to see more originals and/or media tie-in based characters. We have all of possibility in front of us, but all we ever see is the same few people during the period they were relevant on TV.
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    Kim_Novak.IIKim_Novak.II ✭✭✭✭✭
    I wanna see a Grat & archer merge to fuse into a Sam & Al timelines original. Or just Al

    It's about time it happened. And we need Grat too
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    How about C.O.P. Mariner or.......Peanut Hamper? >:)
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    Chris (SC) wrote: »
    How about C.O.P. Mariner or.......Peanut Hamper? >:)

    eww... lower decks ...
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