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Portal Pulls Need Citation Option

Taelle FarTaelle Far ✭✭✭
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Those of us who have been playing a few years will recognize this complaint... The Premium Portal Pulls -- a standard reward for events and more, have become increasingly disappointing. I understand RNG, but as more and more of my crew are completed and frozen, I have to say, RNG just isn't exciting when you are 99 percent guaranteed to get nothing more useful than a few honor points from every pull.

So here's an easy fix. How about throw in a chance of getting a citation on a Behold instead of a crew member? Or a citation instead of a Behold?

While we are at it, how about getting a citation instead of a crew member as a voyage reward? Or the often requested "Old Gold" legendaries be added to voyage rewards in addition to purples?

Something really needs to be done to make it a bit easier to complete and freeze old crew, (some of which have been sitting in my crew quarters for three years). The crew retrieval system was a start, but only a start . One crew retrieval a month simply is not adequate for dealing with all the old, unfinished crew.

If the company needs some incentive, the three year old one-stars make me highly reluctant to spend money on new crew members that are likely to be next years "still not finished" one-star crew clutter.


  • How about having a behold on gold if you have all three options already fully maxed out?
    (And to make it more commercially viable - and I know people will hate me for this - you have to be VIP1 or higher to be eligible for this behold?)
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