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9.2.0. Update + Mega Tease + Community

Hey all! I just wanted to give an update on 9.2.0. and address a few other community related notes.

9.2.0. has been pushed back a few weeks and we are now targeting mid to late February. I understand you are all eager for the Fleet Boss Battle start to be locked to Admirals/officers change, but we would like a little more time to make sure we have all of our ducks in a row. I will post a more specific timeline once we feel confident enough to share.

As this mega is wrapping up, we have a new one brewing right around the corner and many more surprises for February! Here is a little tease… What do you think the theme could be?

Lastly I’m sure all of you are saddened with the departure of Shan as are we. She was a major pillar of our team and did so much behind the scenes for the game, community, and all WRG individuals. As we are saddened by her departure, we know her future is bright.

Temporarily, the community responsibilities will be transferred to myself with WRGJoe pitching in here and there for support. Shan has HUGE shoes to fill so please over the next few weeks, as Shan says “Be Kind” and patient as I learn how to “community”.


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