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2023-02-14 Server Release Notes : Mega Pack & Scheduled Down Time

Greetings, Captains,

With this server we released the new Trill Collection! The max milestone tier is currently 25 but with the deploy next week (Tuesday, February 21st) we will be adding another milestone tier at 40.

The new ship for this week’s event is U.S.S. Cochrane. We are aware of an art issue that occurs when the ship is destroyed. We will be fixing this with the next server but it should not impact gameplay at all.

As stated last week we will not be doing a mega recap pack for this upcoming mega. Instead we are doing a Mega Pack that contains new crew and featured crew from this mega which is now live. In addition a Trill mixed behold pack is also live.

We will be doing some maintenance that will require a short window of down time. The maintenance will occur tomorrow Wednesday, February 15th at 1:30am EST. The servers will be down for approximately 10 minutes so please plan accordingly.

Thank you for playing,
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