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Pemichi looking for FBB-oriented players 80+ to join -- On Brutal and NM. Ready for the next level

Mostly a "kickback and make it what you want it to be" fleet, one thing we do in a concerted effort is FBB. However, we have stalled at 50-65% on Brutal. We have topped 75% a few times and even finished it once but both by spending dilithium. That has opened Nightmare for us but we have the same issue at that level.

We are interested in adding new members who are focused on FBB, level 80+ and have a diverse spread of 5-star cards. We are a fleet that helps level up players on FBB who are behind and works together through chat. We have a discord channel ready for use.

Please join Pemichi if you are looking for an active, fun, FBB-focused fleet.
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