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WRGBen - Company Changes & Community Introduction 2023-02-22

Greetings Captains,

Some of you may know by now that unfortunately Tilting Point was recently hit with a layoff and a few of the members of the Star Trek Timelines team were affected. Our intention is to continue development of the game with weekly content deliveries, as well as new client updates, as you have been experiencing for years. Things will be a little different from our end; but our goal is that nothing should look or feel different from the player’s perspective. Among the team is a core of veteran developers who have been with the project since pre-launch.

Joe and I have been doing our best on the community side for the past few weeks, and we understand that our response times have not been ideal as we have been treading water in addition to our normal responsibilities. That being said, we officially have a new STT Community Manager whose focus is on community and only community! Stay tuned for an official announcement from our new Community Manager and team tomorrow.

Thank you for playing,
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