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Verad Dax - weird message when fusing to 4*/4*

On the "Fuse Crew" screen (the screen with 2 pictures of the same crew on the left and right sides of the screen) when you press the "Fuse Now" button, a confirmation box appears that (normally) says:

"Fusing will remove one <crew> from your inventory. The result will be an upgraded Level <x> (n/n-star) <crew>. [Fuse Now]"

I fused four copies of Verad Dax in the usual way:
(a) 1* + 1* ---> 2*
(b) 2* + 1* ---> 3*
(c) 3* + 1* ---> 4*
I got the expected message at (a) and (b), but at (c) I got a weird message with some sort of warning. Unfortunately (due to habit, muscle memory and expecting to see the usual message) I pressed the [Fuse Now] button just a fraction of a second before realising the message was different.

Does anyone know what the message said?


  • ZorkZork ✭✭✭
    I tried fusing an existing 3/4* with a citation, but the confirmation message was the normal one.
  • =j= StephLovesVoyager=j= StephLovesVoyager ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2023
    I think I know what you mean - it's a message that says "WARNING: you are about to fuse a high-value crew" or something similar - it does this when you do the fuse via the 1* crew, rather than selecting the 3* star.

    EDIT: is this the message?
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  • ZorkZork ✭✭✭
    edited February 2023
    That looks about right, thanks!

    It's a weird message because fusing is a symmetrical operation. I think they should remove that message
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