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March 2022: Player's Choice Survey Results

Greetings, captains!
We have the results from the previous player's choice survey:

Player’s Choice Mega-Event arc:
  1. Temporal Cold War
  2. Starfleet Medical (Physician)
  3. Lower Decks-terity (LD + Scoundrel)

Player’s Choice Campaign:
  1. EV Suit with new EV Suit Tendi and existing EV Suit Reed and EV Suit McCoy
  2. Dress Up with Sir Adya Ortegas and existing Princess Tonia Barrows and Carpenter Street T’Pol
  3. Trill with new Kareel Odan and existing Niners Ezri and Princess Jadzia

Thank you to all the captains for your votes! Have a great weekend ahead!
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