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CHOBANY ALLIANCE is recruiting

edited December 2017 in Fleet Central
We have an opening spot in a squad with a sqd leader lvl 61 and other members 50+ in events and dailys even too active ;) So we would like to find a nice fitting member :)

We are both F2P and P2P ALL LVLs mostly arranged accordingly in squads. Our Starbase is lvl 28 but the sick bay on lvl 6, and other rooms are following. We are not SOoo highly competitive, and don't dream to be the No1 fleet - we like our average 300 on events ;) but most important we just ENJOY the game.

So, no fleet tags needed, no additional chat service to use, activity in all events and dailys are expected. Even If you are under lvl 40 but active we encourage you to ask for approval.
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