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Repeating voyages

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I have to assume this is a bug and unintentional. Some time back (it's been months) my Voyages started repeating. I'd have the exact same Voyage skills, ship trait, and seat traits 3 and sometimes 4 Voyages in a row. My voyages are mostly running 12 hours, if not the upper 11 hour mark every time if that matters at all. Yea, this is really nice if I get a favorable voyage skill pair and trait arrangement, but more often than not I get stuck on a voyage ship trait that has no 5* options (seriously, I shouldn't get these) or has really bad trait allocation and I am forced to attempt to roll the voyage over to something new (I usually start a voyage and let it run for 3 minutes and then recall it). Of course, this only works once or twice before the voyage stops rerolling and just presents the exact same option until I run it. This is the opposite of fun or interesting. It's stale and boring. Not to mention annoying.

While on the topic, just add a "reroll voyage" button so we don't have to jump through these hoops. You can keep it on the same 2 rerolls in a 24 hour period rule if you want so people don't abuse it. That's fine. Just a QoL feature. Also, maybe some kind of ability to track the lifetime maximum voyage an account has run so once they cross a certain threshold (10 hours seems more than reasonable) ship traits that don't have a 5* option are no longer offered. That probably belongs in the suggestions subforum, but since I was already here, there's your suggestion. Make it so.

EDIT: I was looking back through my Voyage log for the past 12 months and noticed that while doubling up of Voyages is common going all the way back as far as I have records, the triple and quadruple voyages really started in earnest around September of 2022 and has only progressively gotten worse to the point where have some 3 week periods where I don't have anything other than streaks of 3 identical voyages.
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