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Various rewards/messages claimed on their own

WebberoniWebberoni ✭✭✭✭✭
I saw Nancy reference this in the event thread, but have not seen any specific mention of this issue that hit me yesterday afternoon/evening, just before 8:00 pm EST.

1) I had 7 unclaimed messages from years ago in my inbox, which somehow got claimed without me realizing it for several hours. They did not have an expiry date like the newer messages do. I did not accidentally claim them, especially 7 times over.
  • Thankfully I had the details tracked in a spreadsheet and CS provided all the resources back to me quickly and without question, albeit in a single new message. It's mostly not a big issue, though the 6 arena tickets & 6 cadet tickets were being kept for a rainy day should something glitch or should I mess up during a midweek events when those extra tickets (mainly arena) might be needed.

2) I had all 5 copies of Davenport Janeway achieved and unclaimed from the holodeck enthusiast collection, and one copy somehow got claimed without me realizing it. I was never in the collection screen yesterday, so there's definitely no way I could have accidentally done it. With the honor sale going on, I already had a couple crew in the overflow status, on the countdown to be moved into my active crew. Again, there was not expiry date on claiming those collection rewards, and that first copy (at least) was achieved years ago when the collection was first created.
  • Again, I must commend CS for a quick and appreciated response. They told me they couldn't undue the claim, which is a pain, but they said if I couldn't find a way to manage my crew within the countdown time and I wind up losing her, they would gladly provide a replacement in the future whenever I do have the space in my crew to do so.

These aren't big issues, but they are really annoying issues that cause huge frustration, especially when these assets have been methodically and strategically managed for several years. They are also the sort of issues that do not instill confidence in the long-term stability of the game.

I hope these issues will be resolved quickly, with some adequate and appropriate communication to all players - ie: IN GAME!


  • AviTrekAviTrek ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yikes. I hope someone responds to this. I have 100 unclaimed messages without an expiration. Plus I'm sitting on Davenport. If something is changing that is going to auto claim that, players need to be told in advance.
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