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Suggestion for gauntlet drops

There has been a lot of discussion about gauntlet recently, with the change of the featured crew. I'm still a big fan of the idea of adding gauntlet beholds, but if for some reason that's difficult to do with the existing code, I had another idea:

With scans, every time we don't get a constellation, the chance of getting a constellation with the next scan increases. Eventually, a constellation drops, and the probability resets. Could we do something like that with gauntlet chests and gauntlet crew? A full 1% chance per box would probably be overkill, but even a much smaller increment would be great. The total percentage could be displayed as it increases, to provide an incremental feeling of success with each box, instead of the usual RNG disappointment. The amount of the increase can vary with the rarity of the box, so there's still an incentive to achieve long streaks and high overall ranks. If the goal is to increase engagement with this part of the game, I'm guessing that a lot more players would play gauntlet regularly with something like this in place.

Without knowing how things are done on the back-end, I'm thinking that maybe an automatic method like this will be easier to implement than a behold that requires the player to input a choice.
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