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Announcing our next Mega Event: Electric Dreams

Unimatrix Zero has reappeared, but its population has grown exponentially! No longer is the location limited to Borg drones recharging in their alcoves. Humanoids with implants or other forms of cybernetic augmentation are brought to Unimatrix Zero each night in their dreams. But is the location, originally a safe haven, now a breeding ground meant to assimilate the masses into a new nightmare?

Mega Event New Crew: La Sirena Borg Queen will provide a bonus for all four events, and will be a recurrent threshold reward.

During this adventure you will encounter the following crew:

New Crew: La Sirena Borg Queen, Crosis, Assimilated Rooney, Six of Ten, Axum, Borg Baby Boimler, Excretus of Borg, Assimilated Bashir and Drone Magnus Hansen

Existing crew: Assimilated Tuvok, Annika Hansen, EV Suit Rutherford, Keyla Detmer

The schedule is as follows:
2023-04-13: “Sub-Zero” - Skirmish/Galaxy Event, new ship: Arctic-One
2023-04-20: “Half-Life” - Galaxy Event
2023-04-27: “Assimulated” - Faction/Galaxy Event
2023-05-4: “Waking Nightmare” - Faction Event

Mega Pack
This time we will be running a mega pack at the end of the mega event that contains all the new crew from throughout the whole mega.

Thank you for playing,



  • I added some extra information to the announcement. This time, the recap pack will be dropped at the end of the mega event. Thanks!
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