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New faction drop tables contain erroneous items

Dangevin [CAB]Dangevin [CAB] ✭✭✭
edited April 2023 in Engineering Room

Please see description and screens above. The revised faction drop system is correctly including 2* items at 3 hours, but incorrectly including all of the Federation 1* and 0* faction items.

This is confirmed with Romulan, both Ferengi, Hirogen, Bajoran, Augments, and Cardassian. Presumably with all others as well.


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    DAEDAE ✭✭✭
    Confirmed many times over. Every successful shuttle return gives me federation items. I am not running federation shuttles. So my chances of getting the correct faction items are drastically reduced since every return produces at least 2 federation items. While I appreciate the update to factions its just another thing to add to the growing list of “wasn't broken before”.
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