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Ads crash the game on iOS

I’m on iOS 14.8.1. The latest update crashes the game when an ad is viewed. The ad proceeds through the countdown timer until it hits zero and then crashes. This did not happen on the prior version of the game.


  • LjofaLjofa ✭✭✭
    Related issue - there’s a Gardenscapes advert where all you get is a black screen and the countdown bar. There’s no way to close the ad except to restart the game as no X button appears. But if you tap the screen, iOS directs you to the Gardenscapes download page in iTunes.
  • REGREG ✭✭
    edited April 30
    I am getting the adds crashing the game as well, also iOS with version 16.4.1.
  • jeastwoodjeastwood ✭✭
    The same iOS bug with the adverts still happens in the iOS 16.5 release candidate.
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