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FBB Store/Currency and Fleet Upgrades

My fleet has really united around FBB, and it's rejuvenated us as group. But apart from coordinating combo unlocks and setting a schedule for when we open new bosses, there's not a ton of fleet-level interaction with the game mode.

I'd love to see one or more of the following as a means of making FBB an even more robust aspect of the game, especially from a social perspective:

1. A FBB store that uses a unique currency earned by participating in FBBs, or potentially granted as a daily reward for fleet activity in the game mode, like we get honor for donating, etc.) This could grant access to, if not the Captain's Bridge materials earned through FBBs themselves, then ship schematics and frequently used crew, so fleet members can put resources earned in the game mode back into improvements in that area. Also, it could allow us to purchase Starbase materials to...

2. Level up the Starbase to give fleet-wide bonuses in FBB or to ships in general. We have our respective Captain's Bridges, which are great at allowing individual captains to increase their ship-based prowess, but I'd love something the entire fleet and fleet leadership can work towards that gives static bonuses to the entire fleet, gives Captain's Bridge/FBB store materials to fleet members in addition to or instead of the replicator rations we currently have to donate toward. I know most fleets have maxed out Starbases, so having additional fleet-level projects with widely granted bonuses would add an extra layer to fleet participation and cooperation.

3. Also, please, for the love of Q, can we get the ability to save ship/crew load outs to more easily swap from our combo node clearing attempts to our all-out-attack crews without needing to wade through the hundreds of potential crew members for each ship slot?

Thanks for all you do for the game, and for adding this new game mode and keeping it fresh with the recent Captain's Bridge levels and the current resource event. I'm looking forward to the changes announced in the roadmap, and hope that more content for or based around FBB can be added to the next wave of updates.
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