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???? Ship now available in the Honor Hall!

Description: Bajoran Lightship (DS9)
Traits: Freighter, Historic, Explorer, Pioneer (Check)
Image: R'ongovian Solar Sailer (SNW) ?

Ok. We're all human and we all make mistakes, that's how we learn. And honestly, no one expects an immediate fix. But...

I'm a little disappointed. 7 Days since release. There have been a few posts on 2 threads concerning this. The WRG response - Silence!

Am I expecting too much. Some form of acknowledgement when an obvious issue has been raised. Some way to know that the posts have been read, and maybe, passed on to the relevant personal. It doesn't need to be official. Something simple. Like, in this case... "Oops!"

Ona side note: I would say Poor Customer Service, but I may be being over generous. I worked for many years in retail (in various roles). Dealing with the public, (whether face 2 face, by phone or online), is an onerous task. And complaints, thankless at the best of times. But I learned the 1st rule on my 1st day. Such a simple rule, almost anyone can understand and do it. "Acknowledge the Customer". Sorry to say. It's a rule WRG still struggle with!


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    Hey! You're right. We know about the issue you mentioned, and we're on it. We'll fix it in the next update. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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