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Client Release Notes 9.3.0

Greetings, Captains,

Our latest client, v9.3.0 is now live on Facebook.

The releases will happen on different days for the various platforms the game is available on. This will allow us to monitor that everything is working as it should. Don’t hesitate to let us know of any issue you might encounter.

With this update we’re introducing the following changes:

- New trainer usage flow that will decrease the time it takes to level up a crew
- Pull Again option when claiming a free pull in the Time Portal. If you have another free pull entitlement, you'll be able to Pull Again from the reward screen
- Implemented search functionality for avatar selection screen
- Voyage ship selection - opening panel will have the highest antimatter ship auto-selected
- The functionality of Beholds in Gauntlet, Voyages, and Objective Events. This will not be live when the client releases but with a future server release
- Crew in Reenlistment (BuyBack/Dismissed) will now appear in silhouette on Cryostasis and Crew Retrieval unless there is a dupe or frozen crew
- Crew search fix. Searching for some crew would not show the crew
- 1st gauntlet win streak objective event progress was not counting properly
- Fixed Locked objectives remaining locked after prerequisites were met
- Immortalized counter in the vault should now display immortalized unique crew instead of including duplicates
- Crew in overflow are no longer usable in events
- Graphical issue where the UI would become huge during ship battles and voyages
- Critical threshold shown on the conflict start screen only displays normal's critical threshold on all difficulty levels
- Crit change display during away missions did not account for crew fatigue
- If the player did not have an avatar selected, they wouldn't be able to be inspected in Gauntlet
- Resolved Display issue with constellations and polestars
- Crew in overflow prevented presence in the vault
- Cadet Mission Tickets Visible On Mission Screen
- Rapidly Crafting No Longer Breaks Crafting Chain
- Bridge Rewards Are Now Visible
- Fleet Boss Battle Crew Trait Duplication Filtering Fix
- Dismissed Crew Search Fix
- Optimize mail panel for players with many messages
- Rare Rewards indicator is no longer hidden when away mission starts
- Get Menu Optimizations
- Various Panel Performance Optimizations
- Various UI Bug fixes

Thank you for playing,

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