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Forests of Forever 2023-07-06 change in crew selection

This Supply event no longer shows crew traits to facilitate the selection of optimal crew picks. For example, Flotter & Booker had several traits each that enhanced their scoring in tasks. Yet that no longer shows in the selection list. They did show Bonus after selection but that demands players remember which crew members have the desired traits to improve scoring on each task.

I submitted a case & was informed that this is NOT a bug but intentional. My expression of dissatisfaction yielded a suggestion to submit it here for community review.
here are a few screenshots to clarify my concern:

Several crew displayed have the indicated traits yet none display that until selected.

This seems to me a deliberate effort to reduce player effectiveness in this style of event.

Your thoughts??


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    You need more crew immortalized if your still using a 3* on a voyage, its just too early in the game for you, the best crew is always on top, all of mine are legendary or current event crew...
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