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Upcoming Compensation for Recent Issues

Greetings Captains,

There have been ongoing performance issues that have preventing players from accessing the game that escalated to major outtages throughout the event The Risk of Responsibility. Issues reportedly began around noon EST, Saturday July 22nd, and increased to widespread errors around 8pm EST. After reproduction and investigation, the issue was resolved around 2am EST.

In order to reflect the impact to players we are providing two compensation plans.
First, a general package. Anyone who has logged in since Thursday will be receiving the following in mail today:
  • 1 Voyage Token
  • 500 Chronitons
  • 4 Valor
  • 24 shuttle rental tokens
  • 650 Dilithium

Second, to reflect the impact to competition. The event will continue and complete with the rewards as they are currently constructed in ranked. After the conclusion of the event, we will be sending an additional copy of Ceti Alpha V Khan to everybody who achieves rank 3000 or above.

This will be delivered separately from the ranked reward distribution and may not be granted on Monday, July 24th.

Lastly, there is one more topic on the subject of compensation: The Elusive Treasures (ET) character issue with Admiral Pike and Farragut Kirk. These characters were originally slated for this pack as they were event scheduled crew that fell under the time range when ET would be run. An issue led us to pull the event, however the changes weren't reflected in the ET pack. Because they were never unblacklisted as part of the event release process, they weren't available in the pack despite being advertised as so. To rectify this, we will be evaluating the purchases on Elusive Treasures after the promotion ends on Wednesday, July 26th and giving the following at a later time this week:
  • Everyone who bought at least one of the 1x gets a copy of Farragut Kirk
  • Everyone who bought at least one of the 10x gets a copy of Admiral Pike
  • Everyone who bought at least five of the 10x gets an additional copy of both crew (total of 2 copies)
  • Everyone who bought at least ten of the 10x gets an additional copy of both crew (total of 3 copies)

Thank you again for your patience, attention, and diligence in reporting these issues and working to help us resolve them.
-Star Trek Timelines Team
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