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looking for new fleet UNM Boss

Hey y'all - I'm looking to join a new fleet. I'm Lvl 79, log in daily, complete all my dailies - not really into the events however. I am looking for a fleet that regularly defeats UNM Boss - I've been stuck on Bridge Lvl 13 for ages & my old fleet was showing no prospects of ever beating it. I will not join Discord - I don't do social media - so if that's a sticking point, not interested.

My in game username is Mudman if you want to send me an invite. Thx!


  • General McDuckGeneral McDuck ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2023
    Hi there. Are you still looking? We have a slot open. We run UNM and NM regularly 24/7. We often take out two UNM a day.
    Most of us are at level 22-24.

    Feel free to send me a message here and we can talk more.
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    Hello! We have space to accomodate you at Argentina Unida. We are taking down 1 UNM boss every 18 hours. The most advenced players in our fleet are Level 25 getting to 26, several lag behind.
  • Hi there! If you are still looking, 9rs & Anonymous Redshirts have a space for you! We defeat Ultra bosses daily. We do use Discord for boss battle communications, but it is not required. All important fleet communications are posted on both the Discord and the in-game chat.
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