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Announcing our next Mega Event: Perilous Time Off

Tensions are high across the galaxy as the temporal anomaly crisis rages on. Starfleet encourages personnel to take time off as needed, not suspecting that the well-meaning shore leave could put them in the crosshairs of a malicious new threat.

Mega Event New Crew: Pascal Fullerton will provide a bonus for all four events, and will be a recurrent threshold reward.

During this adventure you will encounter the following crew:

New Crew: Tourist Hoshi (new) 5*, Fly-Fishing M'Benga (new) 4*, Base Camp McCoy (STVI) (new) 5*, Paradise Spock (new) 4*, Luau Chakotay (new) 5*, Yeoman Barrows (new) 4*, Rites of Separation Leeta (new) 5*, Luau Torres (new)4*.

Existing crew: Mint Julep McCoy (existing) 4*, Deral (existing) 4*, Relaxed Number One (existing) 4*, Risa Bashir (existing) 4*.

The schedule is as follows:
2023-08-10: “Rest and Revelation” - Skirmish/Galaxy Event, new ship: The Dove.
2023-08-17: “Last Resort” - Galaxy Event.
2023-08-24: “Self-Care” - Faction/Galaxy Event.
2023-08-31: “Fish in a Barrel” - Faction Event.

Mega Pack
New Mega-Pack Purchasable From Mega-Event: Perilous Time Off Recap. Available from 09/05 until 09/08/

Thank you for playing,

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