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Subscriptions + Ads = still too many ads for the money

I think it is BS that we can have $25-30 a month in monthly subscriptions going, and still have to watch dozens of ads every day. And the ads aren’t all 30 second spots anymore, almost all of them add additional annoying clicks and pauses so they can stretch out to a minute now.

I would like to propose that if we have any current subscriptions going, whether it is for the dilithium sub, the campaigns, or anything else, that the ads go away during that subscription period. We could just tap a button to immediately bypass the ad and get the rewards, thereby making people happy that they spent the money and didn’t have to be annoyed by some of the worst ads ever cranked out.

Surely you guys can’t be making that much from the ads compared to how much more you could be making to encourage people to spend money.


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