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Advanced cadet missions instead of repeats?

I know cadet mission tedium has been discussed. Repeating them daily is.. ugh :eyeroll:

Has anyone ever suggested or expressed an interest in advanced cadet missions?

What I mean is, in reality cadets improve & advance to higher ranks. So once a player has aced all the cadet missions, why not graduate onto other more advanced missions instead of infinitely repeating the same ones over & over & over & over & over….. ?


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    No feedback, comments or +1s?
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    Greetings Captain! We did take notes on your comment, sorry for not notifying you! Soon enough we will get back with some info regarding this matter. Thank you again, LLAP @Aquiel
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    AquielAquiel ✭✭✭
    Thank you @WRG admin. I feel like perhaps your new Continuum missions might be your attempt to address this? If so the leap in difficulty is… WOW, but I appreciate the challenge and will continue to grind away at these new missions. However the missteps in deployment of these new missions has been ugly to say the least. Tribbles do get into the code, no doubt but to reset & wipe out what little advancements I’ve been able to accomplish is disheartening & feels very defeating.

    Suggestion: When deploying ‘fixes’ please don’t take away what little progress I’ve already managed to accomplish.

    Thank you
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