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Not seeing Polestars I have favorited

Hello, I have favorited a few polestars I have that are rare and I only have one copy and then put my only copy up for sale. Yesterday I could see them listed when I switched to the view "from low to high" in the celestial market. Today I can only see some of them. I can still see them when I switched to all items alphabetical and they are still listed. I presume this is a bug and it would be might helpful for me to track my items if I could still see any polestars I have favorited that I have listed for sale either under low to high or owned. Preferrably low to high as that is where I look for prices.


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    @RogaDanar Greetings Captain! We will take a look at it and send a note to the team. Thank you, LLAP
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    I removed those auctions as it was driving me nuts, they didn't right away show up as visible under priced low to high even though I then had a polestar. Then a different "disappeared" from that view. It is not consistent.
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