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BUG // Wrong name and no 2x Boni for "Insubordinate Mariner" in the German localization of STT

If running the game in German, Insubordinate Mariner did not give a 2x boni in last event.
It probably has to do, as the game is not recognising this Ensign Beckett Mariner card as a Mariner card. The surname got translated to "Seaman / Sailor" ...

Details of it in the German Forum, but using deepl.com/translate, you probably can autotranslate it to english. Just trying to avoid double posting everything again.

Basically Mariner is not shown up in search results ...
... as she is missing the #mariner on the card, as she is an "Ensign Beckett Seemann" (and even wrongly translated named "Ungehorsamer Seemann"

The original forum post, partly posted so it gets attention. No idea if the German forum section gets also seen.

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