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Announcing our next Mega Event: Nightmares & Starscapes

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Greetings, Captains,

Spooky season is back, and so is our next Mega Even. Mark your calendar starting on Thursday, October 12th!

The ever-degrading fabric of space-time is beginning to impact individuals across the galaxy. But are the nightmares and visions plaguing them solely internal…or is there a threat even more cosmic in nature at play?

Mega Event New Crew: Valeo Beta V La'an (new) 5*, will provide a bonus for all four events, and will be a recurrent threshold reward.

During this adventure you will encounter the following crew:

New Crew: Valeo Beta V Spock (5*), Valeo Beta V Sam Kirk (4*), Brain Drain Crusher and Riker (5*), Nightless Neelix (4*), Machine Man Paris (5*), Paranoid O'Brien (4*), Compromised Kamron Gant (5*), and Abducted Travis (4*)

Existing crew: Shroomies (4*), Scared Scotty (4*), Antedian Assassin (4*), and Control Leland (5*).

The schedule is as follows:
2023-10-12: “Screaming into the Void” - Skirmish Event, Gorn Destroyer
2023-10-19: “The Unknown” - Galaxy Event
2023-10-26: “Uncanny Valley” - Faction/Galaxy Event
2023-11-02: “Sandman” - Faction Event

We’re looking forward to your participation and hope you will enjoy this new Star Trek Timelines original story arc.

This time around we will be running a mega pack at the end of the month that contains all the new crew from throughout the whole mega.

We're here to hear your feedback as always

Thank you for playing,

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