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Upcoming Q&A - Submit your question!

Greetings Captains!
We heard you, and Q&A Lives are back again! Again join us in our new youtube channel to find out all the news that the team has for all of us!

When? Friday 13th 15:00m UTC
Where? Youtube - @startrektimelinesofficial
Do you want to submit a Question for the Livestream? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSedadBOVI_C3MXiS4dVfiqKzhIFpe3sFAlDe1BDr8TNw2nlQQ/viewform

The best way to have response from our beloved team is filling up this GForms. Note, only the questions in the forms will be answered, no comments in this post or Forum will be taken into account. But feel free to ask us anything during the Q&A live!
We can wait for Friday! See you there Captains.

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