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Q&A Notes - 10.0.0 Walkthrough Livestream - 08/29


August Stream Recap:
10.0.0 client to be released in October.

[*] The two major new features are post immortalization advancement and the Continuum. Post immortalization advancement allows players to enhance their crew's stats after they have been fully immortalized, by completing Continuum Missions to obtain components that can be used to build Quipment and make crew even stronger.

[*] To go a little deeper, "Post Immortalization Advancement" or “Quipment”, which allows players to improve their crew by equipping new types of equipment after they have been fully immortalized. Quipment will give temporary buffs to crew which will be applied across the game. We are looking forward to this as this will change the meta of the game. Not all Quipment can be given to every crew member though, as there are specific requirements such as traits, rarity, or character. Overall, this feature aims to make it possible to continue to grow your favorite crew and make them stronger throughout the game.

[*] Another new feature is The Continuum. Continuum missions are challenging away mission and generated on a weekly basis with different themes. To complete these missions, its helps if the players has a lot of buffs so it helps to be part of a good fleet, complete collections, and use the ”Quipments” feature. The rewards obtained from these missions help players build Quipment to equip to their crew. There will be special rewards for players who three-star all four continuum missions of a difficulty. Chronitons are needed to access these missions through Chroniton containers. These containers will slowly generate over time and when redeemed a continuum mission can be played. After the use of a container there will be a cooldown which can be skipped with Dilithium. Then the Chroniton container will start to fill up again and it might take some time. It can be sped up by donating chronitons.

[*] Completing missions can reward research components, which can be used to build more Quipment. Quipment updates will be released after the feature’s launch, effectively changing the game's meta.

[*] The max rarity for some Quipment may be two, allowing crew members with a rarity of one or two to equip high-powered equipment. Also rare rewards can be unlocked through these missions, and players can refresh the rare rewards so they can be collected again. This feature will offer unique and different missions each week, adding narrative and structure to make the game feel fresh!

[*] Special mega event for convergence day.



Are Prodigy characters coming to the game? “There are currently no plans to include Prodigy characters at this time. We don't have the license and we don't have a plan to acquire that license at this time.”

Will Quipment bonuses apply to all parts of the game? “Quipment bonuses will apply across all parts of the game where crew stats are checked.”

Should we expect the same Convergence day mega in January? “The convergence day mega event will be different from previous ones. We are planning something much… bigger.”

Do these items count as inventory? “We don't think so but we need to check internally and debate with this matter.”

Will voyage scores drop during your voyage if your Quipment boost runs out during the time? “We are deep into testing right now. We think it will not drop but we still have to test it. The idea is that it will not drop.”

Are there any plans to make it easier to see if a new crew is already Immortalized\Frozen? “Not currently, we do have some texts in behold to tell if crew are immortalized in frozen.”

Ships' schematics more accessible? “Yes we just had a schematic behold pack for honor to see what you guys think of that on the forums. We've heard this complaint and we will attempt in the short term to address this issue, and run a rerun pack with some of the desired ships that you guys mentioned in the forums.”

Any chance of a new storyline for the main game? “Not for the main game, but yes for the continuum feature, which there will always be new stories for players to play there.”

Any chance of the total item count? “We will take a look at the possibility of pumping up the max cap number.”

VIP levels higher than 14? “No plans for this as for now but we'll take it into consideration with the team.”

Will there be a tutorial for Quipment and Continuum? “Yes.”

Will the purchase of additional Chroniton canisters be reset each week when new Continuum Missions are created? No they will not reset week to week. They are a one time purchase for DIlithium and you have them unlocked for life.
Does the actual stat boost vary with Quipment rarity as well, or is it purely duration that gets boosted? “Stats and duration. Though with some character specific Quipment for lower rarity characters have major increases to bring those common and uncommon crew up to the current meta.”

Does each node have a rare Quipment reward? “All nodes will have a rare reward but not all rare rewards will be Quipment. Most rare rewards will be components used to craft Quipment.”

We hope to see you in the next Q&A Livestream this Friday the 13th!
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