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Client Release Notes 10.0.0

Greetings, Captains,

Our latest client, v10.0.0 is now live on Facebook and Steam.

The releases will happen on different days for the various platforms the game is available on. This will allow us to monitor that everything is working as it should. Don’t hesitate to let us know of any issue you might encounter.

Currently, the release schedule is as follow:
- Microsoft Store and Google Play, Monday, October 23rd.
- iOS, Tuesday, October 24th., with remaining platforms to follow.

The forced update is tentatively scheduled for Monday, October 30th, after which v10.0.0 will be mandatory to continue playing.

With this update we’re introducing the following changes:

CONTINUUM MISSIONS (Will become available upon force upgrade to 10.0.0)
- Immortalized Crew can now enter Continuum Missions to earn rewards.
- Continuum Missions are challenging Away Missions generated from the narrative from Episodes and Distress Calls.
- New missions will be generated on a weekly basis with themes around traits so there will always be new additional missions for you to play.
- Continuum Missions are accessible through Chroniton Containers where players can accelerate their progress by using Dilithium and Chronitons.
- The rewards you get in the continuum help you advance Immortalized Crew through a new progression mechanic called QP and build Quipment that you can equip to your crew for a temporary stats increase.

QUIPMENT (Will become available upon force upgrade to 10.0.0)
- Immortalized Crew can earn QP through use in Continuum Missions to unlock slots to equip Quipment.
- Quipments can be crafted using components earned in Continuum Missions called Q-Bits.
- Quipments begin to expire as soon as they are equipped to a Crew Member
- Quipments can have different durations
- Players can use these powered crew throughout the various features in Star Trek Timelines where Crew skill stats can be leveraged.
- Quipment have specific requirements such as skill, traits, rarity, or specific characters.

- Fixed bug when free spin was not granted in dabo after watching an ad.
- Fixed bug to properly display a behold reward in an objective event.
- Fixed bug to properly display the “attack speed increase” amount for crew ship abilities.

- We have changed our offerwall provider.
- Any in-progress offers after upgrading to 10.0.0 are at risk of not being completed. Please complete.

Thank you for playing,

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