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Live Q&A Summary - 10/18

Greetings Captains,

You missed the Live Q&A and wonder if we answered your question? Or you just curious about what happened? We have prepared a Summary of everything we answered in this YouTube Live.

Live Q&A

Will there be further work done to Boss Battles or is that all for that feature? Prioritization of some of the features initially discussed has changed. We have added and improved the existing player experience such as Bridge Expansion, Reward Distribution, Objective Events, and Ship Buffs for completing a node chain. Also, New Bridges / New Boss Battles are not on the current development roadmap. We will continue to optimize and bug fix for the existing experience enabling Smaller Fleet Progression. Lastly, We will continue to run objective events and other meta-features to improve progression and engagement with the feature but additional feature development for Fleet Boss Battles is currently not prioritized

Will you expand the Doomsday Machine bridge to level 40 or higher? Can we expect a new Captain's Bridge? Not out of the realm of possibility at this time

As a new player, I am often frustrated by somehow losing valor during boss battles. Am I doing something wrong that somehow costs me a valor without attacking? What can I do to prevent this? This is a known issue we have been investigating. Please report to our PS if and when you encounter this issue

When will we be seeing a new Fleet Boss? Never say never but it is not on the roadmap as of right now.

Purple ship beholds or a chance of ship beholds in portal pulls? We do have two new objective events coming up that should be enabled early november. One is focused on pvp and the rewards are 4* and 5* ship schematic beholds.

When will any adjustment be made to FBB with regards to solving nodes (that is, some other bonus for captains that actually solve node(s))? We are not currently planning to make a change here. A fleet’s strategy and coordination around the node resolution is determined and enforced by the individual fleet

Are there any plans to ever improve models and/or textures on older starships? On the same note, what happened to the textures on the Enterprise-A? We do have bugs for the textures of ships. Asset bugs can be difficult to solve and can be unique to a player or platform, or device. We will try and look into it. Itr would be good to get a report from the players as to what ships they are seeing issues with. Lastly, we do have a new Enterprise-D in the works…

What would the reason be that FBB can't be run in any system, like other space battles? Perhaps the location could be randomized for each successive FBB and we could move around that way? We did look into this and found out it would require a non-trivial amount of work to get this done so we deprioritized it. But it is still on the backlog. It would be nice to get this done one day for sure. As far as some new reasons to visit some different planetary systems, Continuum Missions should be bringing you around the map once again.

Is there any plans on adding additional room(s) to the Starbase for FBB items like Magnesite and/or Bilitrum? Not at this time, we are considering other options for enabling bridge progression

Are there any plans to raise the valor storage beyond 4 (to 5 or 6)? Not at this time

What are your plans for a new Event type? We are actively investigating the opportunities around a new event type. We have ideated and proposals for a few:
-Galaxy map conquest

Can we get the trait common for the whole mega listed in the announcement for the mega? We have added it to the template for communication around Mega-Event Announcements

Can you bring back the occasional Expedition event? Just to bring some variety into events. Expedition is tactical, as is faction. Skirmish is rewarding but the galaxy is monotonous and repetitive. Or could you make a gauntlet style event? Expedition events will cause riots and Continuum Missions hopefully scratch a similar itch. We have considered Gauntlet style events but cannot promise anything in regard to that specifically at this time

Apart from 2016, the event type distribution was fairly equal between "full" events. This year's skirmish is very far behind, are there specific reasons for this change? Yes. There are in-game economical factors that triggered the change to more skirmish phases paired with Galaxy than pure skirmish events. We will re-evaluate post-10.0.0

What are the next cool features we have to look forward to? 10.0.0 has two new major features. Quipment and Continuum Missions:
Continuum Missions will allow players to re-engage with the stories they fell in love with playing the game for additional crew advancement and rewards to enable Quipment
Quipment can be equipped to crew to provide powerful temporary buffs to crew stats.

We’re excited. Longer voyages. Mix up the meta.

We have seen Traits be changed via specific feedback from Twitter and on the Forums, but there are many many factually incorrect Traits (not subject to interpretation, for example Human crew lacking Human). What is your plan to address a badly-needed Trait Audit? We have a trait audit currently on the roadmap to support an addition of new traits that are not species specific. Trait audits are very large tasks to be performed when considering 1500+ crew. Our target for this particular trait audit is sometime in Q1 of 2024, of course subject to change. We will consider any missing existing traits through ongoing community engagement as we conduct it

Do you plan to fix the in game messaging system.? WRG has stated that expending resources to fix the in game chat system is not a priority and is not profitable. Knowing that a large part of the STT experience is the community, fleets, squads, and group activities why has it been stated that the communication system between players is not important? Players leave the game every day due to lack of communication. Nobody ever left the game due not enough bright flashing lights. But that has been over fixed
Not at this time. Most of fleet communications happen in external apps for the best coordination that we are unable to compete with the sheer resources and features these various chat apps provide. Community Run Discord Channel, Various Line, Discord, other apps individual fleets choose to leverage

Is there a collection tier update on the horizon? We are looking at the end of Q1 2024 for milestone expansion on collections. It’s not something we like to do frequently

Is there any plan or notion to re-release or reissue older gold cards?
In the context of improving their statistics, Quipment is intended to help bring some less used characters into the meta. Quipment will also enable high tier characters as well.
In the context of accessing them:
-Crew Retrieval
-Rerun Packs
-Rerun Events
-Voyage Rewards and MORE!

Will there be new planets and systems added to the map in the near future? Not currently on the roadmap as it is a huge investment. The creation of the planets is kind of fascinating if you’re interested in the original engineer’s process:
The tools and techniques he references in this video are no longer compatible unfortunately, but it’s a bit of development history if you’re interested!

Are we eventually going to have a collection for each Star Trek show? (can be with or without a supporting mega event) Currently our collection plans do not include every Star Trek show as they are quite wide and include a lot of crew that already have good collection value. We would hope that eventually we get there—excluding TAS

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  • Here are the remaining Questions

    When are you going to add more missions? New missions are not currently planned, we are hoping Continuum perhaps allows for the smarter investment in additional missions, but that will remain to be seen

    It's been mentioned recently that "Chroniton stock is on the rise" - In addition to the new post-immortalization crew feature, what else do you have planned to incentivize us to spend chrons? Continuum + Chroniton Spend OE. We need to reevaluate after 10.0.0 is released.

    Would you please allow us to reroll a behold for dilithium? It should be a money maker for WRG and would eliminate the single worst experience in the game - when one gets a behold with all 3 crew already immortalized. Or what about the alternative fix of guaranteeing at least one of the 3 behold choices is not immortal? There were concerns with the existing design and it’s lack of ability in addressing the core issue of ‘bad’ beholds
    Pity Timer
    More “curated” beholds

    Would you ever consider making Gauntlet run on a 12hr window instead of the current 24hr one? We need to re-investigate, but at last investigation, it’s not trivial to experiment with.

    Several months ago, there were packs that could be bought with credits. Will these type of packs be available again in the future? Not at this time.

    Any plans to let us bulk open boxes? Not at this time. We made a big step and added the “open again” button for 9.3.0.

    Can you increase the VIP level and rewards? Maybe with an exclusive ship or crew? I've been VIP14 for so many years but still purchase stuff, it would be nice to be rewarded for my loyalty. We are working on a program for our web shop, Loyalty points & reward track

    Some voyage dilemmas have legendary replicator fuel as a possible reward. Would you consider removing replicator fuel as a reward option? We are not considering an additional change for removal at this time

    With the upcoming Quipment in version 10, will the 1,000 items inventory limit be expanded to accommodate all these new items? No, the Quipment and components are a separate category and will not be considered against the inventory limit

    How many hours can a voyage go without running out of dilemmas now? I've heard that they are still getting stuck after 72 hours even with the new dilemmas. Stuck dilemmas are not based off of “running out of dilemmas” AND the total dilemma pool is not specific as certain decisions can create subsequent follow-up dilemmas
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