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Voyage Reward Tiers

Currently, there are three tiers of voyage rewards, based on duration: 0-2 hrs, 2-6 hrs, and 6+ hrs. I propose adding a fourth tier. To keep with the current pattern, maybe: 0-2, 2-6, 6-12, 12+. Since there are already new dilemmas only available at 12+ hours, I'm hoping there's already some code written to treat this longer duration differently, which should make adding the new tier easier for WRG.

The amounts of chrons, credits, and honor could scale up. For instance, chrons currently drop in batches of 3, 8, and 15, so the next tier could drop in batches of 24.

Dropping any 5* portal crew would probably be too powerful, but maybe the crew drops could jump to 5* that are at least N months old, for a fairly large value of N. That should make for a positive player experience, without unbalancing the game.

Component drops could increase from green 2* to blue 3*, and generic replicator fuel drops could increase from purple 4* to gold 5*. Trainers are already at 5*, but maybe the amount could increase a bit.

Overall, I think that as many of us are having voyages last longer, it would be nice to have a new tier of rewards to reflect that.
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