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Continuum Launch Compensation Plan

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Greetings Captains,

As we confirm a few fixes that went live earlier today we would like to announce our plans for compensation for the issues players have been experiencing since the Continuum Mission and Quipment features went live on Monday, October 30th.

If you are still experiencing issues with the continuum please reach out to our support team.

First, we want to explain how we considered the plan and then we'll get into it:
  • Lack of access to the feature. Players with missing nodes in their Continuum Mission, or otherwise unable to enter and earn Q-Bits to craft Quipment. The goal with any compensation in this regard would be to help enable progression.
  • Resetting Continuum Missions. With the various resets, players lost progress toward the weekly chain rewards. The goal with any compensation here will be in line with those rewards.
  • Away Mission Progress Reset. As part of our resolution to the Away Mission accessibility, progress was reset, so players will have to complete these difficulties once again. Compensation here will target Chronitons to re-run those missions.
  • General performance. This is our catch-all bucket. For things like the Broken Account Tutorial bug account blocking issue, inaccessible Away Missions, etc…. Overall, the features delivered as part of this client did not deliver the launch experience we were aiming for. We are extraordinarily frustrated with the behaviors identified by our player base that did not present in our lower testing environments. Moving forward we will continue to strive for giving players the best experience by making adjustments to our testing and release processes.

We will be considering global compensation for players who have had an active session since Sunday, October 29th, 5am UTC for the following issues and compensation:

Lack of access to the feature: We will be increasing our redemptions for our free Continuum Launch Pack from 1 to 3. The Continuum Launch Pack contains 300 Chronitons and a variety of Q-Bits and Continuum Energy to craft Quipment. This will triple the initial Quipment Components for players just getting access to the feature now.

Resetting Continuum Missions: We will be giving out one week of the Chain Rewards as part of a separate compensation. Players will receive 250 Dilithium, 500 Merits, and 250 Quantum.

Away Missions Progress Reset: In order to re-run the Away Missions, players will be receiving 750 Chronitons.

General Performance: In addition to the chain rewards, players will also receive 1,000 Dilithium, 500 Chronitons, and a 5-star Citation.

In total, players should expect to receive the following:
The ability to claim the Continuum Launch Pack three times for a total of:
  • 900 Chronitons
  • Various Quipment Components
  • 6 Research components of each skill
  • 6 Database components for each skill
  • 90 continuum energy

A separate compensation distributed with:
  • 1,250 Dilithium
  • 1 Legendary Citation
  • 1,250 Chronitons
  • 500 Merits
  • 250 Quantum

We would like to once again apologize for the state of this launch and thank you for your patience and support for helping us sort out these issues. We really can't thank you enough for the individual reports and engagement on the forums, Discord, and the like to help improve this situation.

-The Star Trek Timelines Team
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