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Compensation for glitches

Hi Team,

I think it's time you start taking into account players VIP Points, your generic one size fits all approach, does not take into account the players who invest heavily to participate in new features to learn get ahead and share their experiences. Especially with the Continuum giveaway,

There will be players rubbing their hands with glee the F2P and those not even logged in, 1250 dilithium and 1250 chronitons plus the other giveaways are very happy.

Some of us who invested 1000's of dilithium and 1000's chronitons accelerating the Tubes to play again and again to assess the Continuum then only to find mission 2 bypassed and mission 3 won't open. Your systems must know what we started with and bought, upto the glitch being evident. Then the game is reset and all that investment was lost and needed to be completed again only with different traits. So the developed crew were useless.

The game needs to keep the higher VIP onside and not alienating them. Otherwise with the amount or recent glitches occurring regularly the game revenue will continue to decrease only 30k play Admiral Arena, when I started it was 100k. 70k players less in 6years..


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    Greetings Captain, we will take into consideration the VIP points situation and a note will be sent to the dev team. Thank you for your Feedback! LLAP
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