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Weird counter glitch on Mission screen after replaying lost missions

After the Continuum glitch canceled out some of my progress in the regular mission environment (which I had previously fully completed), I figured out that if during the build stage of an item where you can select a mission, if you click on a zero-star (unfinished) mission, then travel there, you could then re-do the missions and complete them once more.

This kept me busy for about an hour, and finally, I was all caught up again. All my missions were complete once more.

Then I took a look at the mission screen:


and I noticed that the counters for some of the episodes were goofy - like Distress Calls (Infinity) was 81/72, Episode 1 was 161/126 and Episode 10 was 69/63.

Other than having inflated values, nothing else is amiss. I guess when I replayed those missions and won them, they bumped up the win counters without checking for maximum values.

Not a problem per se, just another oddity with the system due to the original Continuum mission glitch.

Just wanted to share this in case anyone else encountered the same.
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